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Cant Sign up to fiverr - Issue


I am trying to sign up to fiverr using google chrome, i have completed all the setup steps but it is still telling me 70% of my profile must be complete although 70% is.
Please help.


As you can see from this picture i have completed 70% of the profile but it still says i haven’t


Well, is there a step left you could also complete, try that and see if it works then? Else, you could also try refreshing the page, clearing your cache, logging out and back in, a different browser, … if nothing works, contact support (scroll down for the link to the ticket system). It’s best to try the clearing cache&cookies, different browser,etc., before contacting support, as that might be their first response else. :slight_smile:

And welcome to the forum, Rhys!


I have completed every step expect for connecting social medias i connected my Facebook and google but left the rest out i have tried internet explorer and also tried on my laptop but cant seem to get access to anything
Thanks though


Here is another thread about this from someone else:


I contacted customer support how long does this take?


I don’t know. It depends on how busy they are but all you can do is wait on them.


Thanks for your help


By the way, I’ve never completed my Fiverr profile. I don’t want to do all the steps as I don’t use some social media, etc. My incomplete profile has never hurt me at all in terms of creating gigs or making money. Good luck on Fiverr!