Can't submit a ticket due to suspended account


I was attempting to submit a ticket for a problem I was having while uploading a video, but it stated that my account username was suspended. I had done nothing wrong. Is there a way I could get it reactivated?


I just checked your profile/account, and it’s not suspended, I see it online and fully present on Fiverr (in case you weren’t aware, the Customer Support site uses the same account credentials that you use on the main Fiverr site), so I’m not sure what is going here since your Fiverr account is working.

Maybe you’re referring to another second account? Because you’re not allowed to have multiple accounts.


I do not have more than 1 account. I have attempted again today to submit another ticket, and it still says that my customer support site is suspended. I know that my fiverr account is not suspended because I have open orders and multiple gigs that are active. I’m currently logged into it as I am typing this. I simply cannot submit a support ticket.


Are you logged in?

Try this:


It might be a technical glitch or simply a mistake.

Try clearing your browser. If that doesn’t work you might want to reach out via social media.


OT: OP’s profile is missing “avg. Response time”.

Is it normal? :fearful:


That probably hasn’t been measured.

Good call!

@knightsguard I would recommend just what @annai80 said - try get in contact with Fiverr though their Facebook or Twitter page.


Did you submit more than one ticket about a problem? Sometimes they ban someone from contacting them if they think you are spamming them.


Try to send a support ticket without logging in.
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You need to delete all beowser history
Try to open you account on anothet browser

If you say support is suspnded then you are now a free man no one watching you


I have tried this. I have tried 7 different computers; none of which have worked.


You just wait… max. 1month


I am also getting error while logging in like:

But I am in my fiverr account by using forget password option. But every time when I log out and try to log in again I saw same error. So I submitted a ticket and waiting for there answer!


So every time you login you have to go through the forgot password link?

Do you have to make a new password each time? That’s brutal.


This is happening from yesterday! By evening I tried to login my fiverr account and on putting password fiverr rejected my request saying that username and password is wrong. So on fourth try fiverr said this:


But login issue solved now I am logging in without using forget password option! :slight_smile: