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Can't sumbit a Gig Request


Requesting a gig: Looking 4 real UK/US traffic from UK/USA seller 4 No Bots - looking for long term relationship

Selected Advertising as the category: Hit the submit button and get the message shown here in red> Please select the relevant category & subcategory.

Is there a sub category that I’m not seeing?


No, I had the same thing today - something is wrong, somewhere.


Its in the Bugs category too - I put my own in earlier.


They can warn away! :smiley:


Eh? sorry! what duplicate posts? - nooo, that was my own one, this thread belongs to Mr Cardall - he just happened to post this up on the Chit chat section, where I posted up on the Bugs section.


Hehe no worries! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Same problem. When is this going to be fixed?


waiting for this too, THX.


Thanks for reply guys, I removed all punctuation, removed web address, problem remains.

If I can’t post Gig request I’ll just have to find what I want the hard way, by manually searching for it :frowning:

I wish you guys well :slight_smile:


This is up on the bugs section by two different people …hopefully it’ll be sorted soon.


So that’s why there are hardly any new Buyer requests!

Usually I’d hardly have enough bids to reply to every one interesting. But now, I hardly see any new requests. Good to know.


Happening to me too


I am facing the same issue…


I managed to post request via my control panel, but the status is still Pending.


Me too. I thought it was me and tried to make it work for about an hour last night… Very frustrating… And very costly to those out there wanting work and cannot get these requests.


Another frustration now (posted in Bugs)…I love the idea of Fiverr but not sure if I can trust the system.

As for request a Gig, if that worked, it would be great - searching for the diamonds among the rough is time consuming to say the least.