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Can't switch vacation mode off, please help!

Hi everyone!

I have a big issue, I have turned the vacation mode on last week as my laptop broke down. Now every time I switch it off, it says: ‘welcome back, we missed you’ and after half an hour it goes back to vacation mode! I have been trying for a few days and wrote the support team twice (first 4 days ago) and nothing :frowning: I was selling quite a lot lately and I even reduced my other work hours it was going so well, and now I have a problem as I can’t use Fiverr anymore as it throws me on vacation against my will…

Has this happened to any of you before?

Thank you in advance for any insight to this.


At the moment I’m writing this, your profile shows that you’re not on vacation. Perhaps it’s fixed?

Yes it’s off vacation for a while and after a few hours goes back so I keep clicking it off…
I am going to wait for the support I guess. Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: