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Can't take "Basic English" test


When I click on this test, it says, “ErrorId 207 : Incorrect TestId”. I haven’t tried to take this test before.

Is that a global bug or just me? And when will it be fixed?


You could report it as a bug to Fiverr via the helpdesk (help & support at the bottom of a main Fiverr page).

I’m not sure if I had that but I had an error where if you just selected a particular test to just look at what it was about but didn’t actually select to do the test that it could give an error later on, as if just looking at the page the test is about without going to start the test sets some flag/setting that may later become invalid. Maybe they expect you to press “proceed” within a certain amount of time or it becomes invalid.

You could try reloading the page (eg. Ctrl+F5) and if you’re not using Google Chrome you could use that. And it may work on a different day (or if it shows you need to wait x days to retake the test, you could do that).