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Can't tell if CS is ignoring me or can't fix my problem

So I completed an order three weeks ago and the payment hit my account on the 27th. Went to withdraw it and had to verify my phone number. Went to do so but low and behold, it’s not my number. I have no idea what the number is because I’ve had my account for 3 months and my current number for 6 months. Can’t make any changes to my account because everything needs phone verification and my accounts restricted until I do the verification. I’m stuck in a loop. Been dealing with customer service and today is the fifth day of no changes to the problem. They keep bouncing me from person to person and I have been through all the wonderful trouble shooting. Idk what to do anymore or if they are going to fix this issue. The first person marked solved without messaging or making any attempt. The second person marked resolved without confirming whether what they tried worked or not. I’m exhausted of waiting on CS. I’ve remained polite but my patience is growing thin.


I think you have sent a complicated message to fiverr customer support.
You can try sending other message like that:
I can’t verify my phone number many times, please try to resolve the problem for me.
Thank you,


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Take screenshots of the problem and attach them to your message. I always find that helps …

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I’ve simplified it over and over to them. Then sent multiple screen shot attachments. They just told me it’s being sent to the relevant department whatever that means.

When you say “it’s not my number” are you saying there is a phone number that is not yours showing?

I don’t understand this. Customer support needs to be able to understand the problem and I can’t tell what this means but have to guess you mean that there is someone else’s number there. If they can’t tell what you mean it might be they are not going to help.

Cherboub is correct. They don’t know what kind of problem you are describing if you told them what you told us here.


I was much more specific with them. No it’s not my number.

So your account was hacked? Did you check your email address and bank account/PayPal that’s connected to your account?

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The number on my account is unknown to me. No idea where it came from and yet my number on my profile is correct. Idk how long it takes with the relevant department tho.

PayPal email and everything is fine. Only this loop of hey tou cant do anything until u verify your number… when idk what the number is so I cant receive a code to change the darn thing. Cs knows this.

I don’t know how much money is in your account but you may have to ask permission to close this account and open a new one. They can’t reset a phone number for you probably.

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More than a little that’s for sure
When they get back to me I’ll have to inquire.

Problem resolved. Number removed.


I’m happy to hear that! Thanks for letting us know.

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