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Can't text seller

This is the second time in as many weeks:

After talking with a seller and agreeing on budget and deadline, Fiverr sends me a message saying that the seller is unavailable and I should look at other similar sellers. There is no explanation on what happened. I did not block them, and the sellers accounts have not been deactivated. Why is this happening?

I tried Fiverr support, but I couldn’t find the complaint form on mobile.

Any ideas, and has this happened to anyone else? What is happening?


Hello! This happened to me, but with a buyer.

The seller could have been reported by someone else, or could have been banned by Fiverr for some violations or could have just deleted his profile.

It could be that the seller blocked you or that Fiverr blocked you on behalf of the seller (which I’ve found has happened to me before). There isn’t much you can do, really. If there’s something the seller can do on his/her side, maybe you’ll be able to get in contact with them again. What @mjaninea suggested is also very likely.

I’d wait a couple of days (if the project time permits) and then just move on to a new seller if nothing is rectified. Submit a ticket to CS here:

If the seller doesn’t work out, hopefully you’re able to find another soon. :slight_smile: