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Can't trasfer funds to FIVERR REVENEUE CARD


I’m working hard on Fiverr from last year. I have done couple of orders, and Now I have around $150 for withdrawal in my fiverr balance. This is my first time to withdeaw funds. I got the payoneer card also. but I can’t send the funds to payoneer account. it shows in revenue page, the button “Fiverr Revenue Card” is inactive. It says " Card approved. Check your email for activation instruction" But I didn’t get any email regarding that matter. I have attached image. Pls help me.

THank you


Contact payoneer and let them know your issue, ask them if they can resend the activation email, or I think you will find the instructions in your payoneer account.


Nope I check every inch on payoneer account, but I couldn’t find any. And Tried to contact them, but when I clicked “contact Us” it redirect to signin forum.


Try to contact them in the morning through chat, I think they are online form 9am.


It’s already says my account is activated


It can say that and still have an issue that customer service can fix, so the only option is to contact payoneer or fiverr customer service.


I have no idea. I am a new seller. Thanks for all and good luck.


thank you for your cooperation