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Can't trust location "From:"

It’s unfortunate but apparently we can’t trust the “From:” [country] in sellers profiles. I created my account in the USA before we left for vacation in the Philippines. I did a few gigs in the Philippines and Fiverr changed my location to From: Philippines. I’m not from the Philippines I’m a white guy with native American blood, born and raised in the USA lol. Despite performing various gig’s since we’re back permanently in the US, my profile still says From: Philippines. Fiverr support has been of no help with this, stating that it’s supposed to change automatically, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t, and that of particular concern to me not only as a seller, but as a buyer. Why?

Because we already have enough problems with people using fake profile photos and posing as someone their not. I know that for many of my buyers, having someone in nearby proximity to them, who is a true native english speaker, is important to them. I’ve had buyers in the Philippines message me that they wanted to buy from me because they “love Filipino people,” but I’ve had to tell them that sorry but I’m not Filipino :stuck_out_tongue:

Please fix this. Thanks!


The system cannot tell if what kind of DNA you have. It just reflects where you have spent enough time to get an IP from a different location. I know a seller in Greece who is from the UK - the profile does not say UK. There are plenty of sellers from other countries who take long vacations in other countries and the profile may reflect that. In time it will change if you keep logging in from another location. A good profile pic shows more about you and you can also write in your gig descriptions that you are native to the USA. I even have that in my gig titles since that works better for people searching for a native speaker, the filters don’t do much.

Why don’t you just put a note in your profile message that explains that you were raised in the USA but that your location temporarily reflects the Philippines because of a holiday? No one cares what color your skin is.


LOL this wasn’t about DNA and skin color. I only mentioned that because I’m a native of usa and about as far from not “from the Philippines” as possible. I’ve only logged in from another location once, and thought that it was weird that the system stated I was from that location when I am not. I created the account in the usa, and have been using it in the usa for far longer than that one vacation I took. Maybe Fiverr should change the title in our profiles to “Location,” not “From.” It’s just not accurate thats all. I’m certainly in no way shape or form “from the Philippines.” Why have that field in our profiles if its not working.

You can try asking customer support to correct your location if you are back in the USA. It’s worth a try.

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I was temporarily “from Norway” after hanging out there for a month last year. It temporarily (and quite dramatically) changed the location of my buyers, too. Couldn’t tell where the influx of scandinavians was coming from.

I agree that the way it works now, is pretty pointless (and let’s be serious, the point of even having it there makes me uncomfortable). Those who want to hide their location or be deceptive about their qualifications or looks do it pretty well regardless.

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Ah…that explains why I never get inquiries from my timezone anymore…

I wouldn’t mind this change and it would be more accurate. Send a request to customer service :slight_smile:

However, if you’re concerned that you’re losing clients because of your location then get rid of this cover photo and replace it with a video intro.

Video is probably one of the most reliable ways to prove if you’re a native speaker or not. Location, description, photo etc can all be faked. You can also buy a video intro, but it’s less commonly used.

PS. You’re not SEO as stated on your profile (I’m also a passionate SEO). You can be passionate about SEO and you can be a SEO specialist. You should know what the acronym stands for.

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That’s a fantastic idea! Thanks :slight_smile: Actually many people who are in the SEO field call themselves “SEO’s” (ex: see ahrefs videos) as a nickname term…IDK what that has to do with this topic however. See this video at :35 seconds: And this page: Needless to say…I can see how that might turn people away how are not familiar with that term being used that way so I really appreciate the feedback!

Yes, a lot of people are doing this because it’s easier to dumb down the profession title for an average Joe. However it doesn’t make it right :wink:

There are actually a ton of different professions under it such as SEO analyst, SEO consultant, SEO strategist etc. All of them have a different set of responsibilities. SEO is not a profession, it’s a set of activities that varies depending on the role / position.

But this is getting off topic and it’s your profile so it’s up to you.
Most people won’t know the difference anyway :slight_smile:

I pointed it out because it’s a pet peeve of mine, but that’s my problem :smiley:
I also don’t like when people call themselves WP developers while actually they are simply installing pre-made themes.

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These comments have helped me to understand, because last night I was msging with someone interested in a gig. He said he was 12 hrs ahead of me when I discussed the best time to get back with him. Later when I viewed his profile, it stated that he was from the US. I was confused, then just assumed that he is an expat where ever he is.

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