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Can't Trust Reviews

I’m new here so bear with me please.

I ordered a gig and gave detailed instructions. The result demonstrated a misunderstanding of the instructions, likely due to a language barrier. I repeated the instructions differently and the second try was correct. However, it just wasn’t appealing and I decided I would not use it. I figured the seller had done their job and deserved to be paid anyway so I didn’t want to cancel. But the seller asked me to give the highest review possible or cancel the gig. I decided they should keep the money and I gave a pretty high review but not the highest (I gave 5 stars, 5 stars, 4 stars). The seller insisted that if I wasn’t totally satisfied that I should remove the review, cancel the order, and get a refund. Finally, I just backed down. But WTH? If this is common then I can’t trust any of the reviews.

You are in control of the review…you do not have to change it, but yet you are saying “if this is common, then I can’t trust any of the reviews” . So I guess what is common…is there are buyers who are in control, relinquish that control and yet they want to try to put the blame elsewhere.

Welcome to Fiverr. Hope you are liking it here so far!

As per your experience, it is wrong for a seller to ask the buyer to give them the ‘highest rating’. That is abusing the system. The buyer should be allowed to give the rating they want to give.

In my opinion, 4/5 stars are more than satisfactory and they are shown as a ‘positive’.

Don’t worry, there are many others out there who will not force you to leave the ‘highest’ review.

I am not a buyer so I can’t tell for sure if this is a common occurrence but as I have read, it doesn’t seem so common.


Reply to @funkygfx: How can you force someone to leave the highest review – You can’t! If the buyer leaves a highest review, even if the sellers asks them to, the buyer chose to do so. No gun was held to the buyer’s head.

Reply to @steveeyes: As kangarooelaine said that the seller wanted the order cancelled or the highest review. That is pretty much forcing the top review.

“I won’t take anything else apart from a top review. If you can’t give me that, please cancel”

Reply to @funkygfx: And the buyer could of said NO…I won’t cancel and I will give you the Review I think you deserve. If the buyer does anything other than that, he did it on his own free will. No one can force a buyer to give the highest review.

“I won’t take anything else apart from a top review. If you can’t give me that, please cancel” His answer could of been…“I’ll give you what I think you deserve and I"m not going to cancel.” See, it’s that simple.

Nonone has the ability to control your keystrokes, leave ANY review you want… [-X

Reply to @steveeyes: That’s what I meant. The buyer can leave any review they want.