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Can't understand the Fiverr search algorithm

Has anybody else encountered this thing, When I search my Gig by its name, I get it as one of the first results but if I go to Fiverr > Music & Audio > Session Musicians and apply all the filters I still can’t see my
Gig, even though my Gig is listed under Session Musicians. Here are the search URLs:
1 the one with the full Gig name:

2 the one through Fiverr > Music & Audio > Session Musicians:

Is anyone know what is going on?

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can anybody help me?

Fiverr applies rotation so that every seller out of 8 million sellers is on the first page of a minute or so once a day or month. Then if your GIG is good you will convert to orders and sales, igf not your GIG goes back and waits for her turn to be back on the first page.

If you click refresh every second you will see different gigs shuffle around. That is because it is their turn to be for 60 seconds or longer on first page.

You can’t have 1st spot in search, makes no sense, what will other 7999999 seller do if you got that spot for longer term?

No you don’t understand the Gig is not at any page

Fiverr doesn’t show every gig in the “best selling” sort. If you switch the 2nd link you gave to “recommended” sort instead of “best selling” sort it will show your gigs on the 2nd page (it did for me anyway).

eg. in Logo Design it shows about 12,000 gigs in the best selling and about 191,000 in the recommended sort, so despite the name of the sort (and the fact it’s a sort) it doesn’t show as many as in the recommended sort.


Oh you are right. Sorry, I never saw that Fiverr have a sort by feature

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You only see 25 pages out of 8000 pages, of course you are not going to be there at some given time.

Check is your gig Active in Help management.

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