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Can't understand the reason for the drop in my response rate

Initially my response rate was 100%.

One day, a potential buyer in-boxed me. We exchanged 2-3 messages. When I tried to reply him further, fiverr didn’t allow me to do so. Fiverr showed an error message, “For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.” This reduced my response rate to 67%. Please tell me, why did this happen and what can I do?

I would like an answer to this question as well. I reply RELIGIOUSLY and I have a poor rating as well. It is beyond explanation. Fiverr, please fix this or do away with it. There is CLEARLY something wrong with this metric.

It’s broken, the new forum was more important. Enjoy!

(just don’t respond for a month then respond to everything for a week and get up to 70%!)

It’s broken. The new forum was more important.

how can i fix my respond time it is broken too

I believe the answer is simple: Respond to all new inquiries faster than you have been, and your response rating is likely to rise over time.