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Can't Understand why

I have buyer and seller account on Fiverr.

When i am a Buyer, i post my request and receive responses from sellers.

What i do not understand is that how do these sellers know that i have submitted a request?

I myself have never sent anyone my Seller offer so how do these other sellers manage to send me offers for my buyer request?

anyone can explain?



It’s not really clear what exactly do you mean. Sellers has a section “Buyers requests” and they see relevans requests, and can send their offers. WHen somoene (some buyer) is looking for services and post buyer request, sellers see it in a special section


There’s an option of “BUYER REQUESTS” all the buyer requests related to your gigs are placed there. From there they can send their requests to buyers.

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ah. thank you. never really paid attention to this before. thank you for reminding me, its there…:slight_smile:

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understood. thank you

You are most welcome. :blush:

logically, the next thing to ask would be how do i increase my chances of seeing buyer’s requests? would you know?

Increase the number of gigs! You will surely find more buyer requests.


hm. ok. Great tip.
thanks again.

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If You Are a seller Then you Can See the options Buyer Request sections ,
Where according to your Account and Level fiverr show some Request which is related to your GIG.

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When you post your request seller will see your post on Buyer request section.