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Can't unload .png file to seller or support

Error occurred. Try again

The above error message is not allowing me to add a file as an attachment:

Sent a revision request for #FO37BE2B9C41 but for some reason, the request is not allowing me to add attachments. It’s a simple screenshot in .png (which has always worked before) but now I attach the file and it says " Error occurred. Try again "

Unfortunately, I can’t attach the same file even on this request support form. FYI, it’s only 183 KB (188,129 bytes) so well under your limiting size for attachments.

And can’t attach here either to show you, because it’s on my hard drive and you only allow url’s.

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

This isn’t CS, we’re just Sellers and Buyers like you. That said, have you tried a different browser? Clearing your cookies/cache?

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Try logging out from your browser and log in again to see if it fixes your issue.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, after having such a terrible time in trying to get it to take the attachment, I did cleared all cache and then tried again. Same issue.

You could try renaming it to something simpler (eg. no spaces or special characters, just a few letters) in case it’s any of the characters in it that’s an issue.

Thanks uk1000. I’ll try that. thanks