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Can't update gig delivery times

Very odd bug here - I’m trying to amend the delivery times for my gig (within the ‘pricing’ tab), but every time I try to save the changes it bounces me over to the ‘gallery’ tab and displays an error that I need to attach an audio file to my gig! (see screenshot below).

But I don’t want to add an audio file! I just want to adjust my delivery time…! Anyone else experiencing this?

Pretty sure they did this with all audio-related gigs, I had to do the same and so did a friend of mine, it was pretty annoying, the only work around was uploading an audio clip. I guess they want us to display more work?

Thanks for the reply - Yes I did wonder if they have now made audio clips compulsory for all music/audio gig.

I’ve only ever showcased my audio by including clips in my gig video. I don’t really mind adding separate audio clips as well, but it seems odd that this is now compulsory in order to make any small changes to the gig itself, e.g. delivery times.

Have now uploaded an audio file and it seems to have allowed me to make the change to my delivery times!