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Can't update my PRICING?!

I’ve been trying all day, but when I try to update my gig pricing/gig extras, a red box shows up saying “Are we seeing double?” thinking that I’ve put 2 of the same gig titles somewhere. Well, I’m not… THEN, when I try it again, it says I’m MISSING a gig title in my gig extras. I’ve been doing Fiverr for awhile, and I know I’m doing nothing wrong.

I’ve used different browsers, cleared my cache and cookies, etc, etc, etc.

Fiverr support is slow.

Can anyone PLEASE help me?


Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Not been able to figure it out.

I have the same problem . Original thread was here

I still can’t change it and although this is a critical issue, Fiverr support doesn’t give a **** about it, telling me to be patient. 9 days it has been and no fix yet. There are fundamental extras I need to add to my gig but since this doesn’t work, I can’t provide my “clients” with the service they actually need.

I could fix this myself in less than 3 hours if I had access to their system, so I don’t understand why they take so long to fix this. Why do we log support queries in the first place ? Do they even have a technical division ? They probably want us to wait and for the issue to go away or for us to stop messaging them.

I have the same problem. I contacted Customer Support almost a month ago. I last heard from them 2 weeks ago. I’ve tried everything - emptying caches, deleting cookies, other browsers, restarting my laptop…nothing works. I’m making less money than I should be because I can’t create a packaged gig. I hope there is a solution out there somewhere…