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Can't upload any pictures

Every picture I try to upload (via gig requirements or chat) won’t load. Any help would be appreciated


We can’t help you with bugs. Contact CS.

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Are you experiencing this with the app or desktop site?

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I am having the same issues I tried from different Device. I did not try from a desktop. On both devices my images would not load

Same here. Can’t upload anything. Tried through chrome from mobile and through app

maybe net problem try to again

Its not a net problem.Im having trouble uploading with the app as well. I contacted support and they said its a bug with the andorid version of the app. They’re working on fixing it.

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Hi, I’m sorry you faced this issue. I was also facing this issue on my mobile application.

Solution: I just updated my application and the issue is resolved now. Thanks!


Reinstall the app may be problem solved

Updating the app fixed my problem. Thanks!


i can’t upload the photo i maked