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Can't Upload Files during Delivery

I’m having a problem while uploading my delivery. The loading bar is directly full in blue and does not upload. This problem persists since last night and I will not like to see my buyer dissatisfied. I emptied my cache and changed my browser, I hope to have an answer quickly.


Up ! Help me it’s very urgent

You can share your files by dropbox link or goolg drive link.

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Try to reconnect your internet connection, maybe there is some network problem.

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The issus is still here even after I reconnect my internet I send the work by dropbox but it’s not a solution the problem need to be solve

Contact Fiverr CS…

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I already contacted them, i’m still waiting for a reply

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Same here i couldn’t upload files for chat or delivery
==> but i seems it works fine with fiverr app :grinning:

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Well i’m not gonna upload the fiverr app the cos the files are too big to

Fiverr Customer Support is quite fast in replying to the queries. I hope it may help.

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I contacted the support and I’m assigned I had one answer then nothing :confused: I’m losing hope the order is 23h now I’m gonna have a cancelled order or a bad review this will hurt my gig and I don’t deserve that after all the work I made Nobody deserve that.

I have the same problem

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Hi, I have changed my windows and all things are fine ,

I didn’t understand how did you change your windows?

How do I contact them?

Click the link below, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select Contact Us. You’ll be able to open a ticket with CS.