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Can't upload files using mobile App

Hello, i have been experiencing some problems with the fiverr Android App, where i cant upload any files through the app.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

@jaobiofficial reinstall your apps I think it works


Fiverr mobile app has lots of issues including upload/downloading media files, redirecting to an external link, showing profile stats. So, I would rather suggest using the app only for conversational purpose and do the rest with PC. However, if you are in an emergency situation and you have to use the app to do such things, you can try clearing app data and sign in again, or keep updated from play store.


Yeah I really dislike the app. It has very limited functionality and is almost always buggy in one way or another. @jaobiofficial I do almost everything for Fiverr at a computer, but if I’m in a bind and really need to do something on my file and the app won’t let me, I do it via the desktop version of the browser instead of the app, NOT the mobile site, which I find buggy and limited as well, but you could try it.

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Yes, i find the app very limit too.