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Can't Upload Images


Hi fiverr,

I’m trying to upload photo’s to my fiverr gig, but i keep getting an error :frowning:

My photo’s are the required height and width

Please any help would be greatly appriaciated



ohhh i think you should contact customer support and they will look about this issue.


are your images violating copyright terms? it appears you try uploading images directly from google and it seems fiverr frowns at such, try and use paint or photoshop to add some flair to the image and it should be accepted.


When I had image upload problems, it turned out that I had used jpegs with some of the blank background showing. This happens when putting together a photo collage or partial images onto a ‘blank’ background (which appears white in most views). So make sure your image or images completely cover the entire space, including along the edges.

Also, make the images larger than the minimum given, like 690 x470 or something like that. Sometimes I had trouble with images that I made the exact size given.


Image size problems are usually specified in the error message. White space issues can usually be solved with a small border around the image.