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Can't upload

This is my 1st Fiverr experience, and so far it has not been good. I have made numerous attempts to upload a PDF for the seller. It has never gone through. The seller has attempted to contact Fiverr to see what is wrong and has not had a response. So what I thought would be easy peasy is now delayed at least 3 days and will probably be more unless someone responds. Way to go. You only get one chance to make a 1st impression.

Get in touch with CS yourself also. Have you tried to just send the PDF as an message attachment without using the “deliver” button?

Have you tried messaging theseller, clicking “problems with upload” (in the bottom left of the message box) and then uploading with older version of uploader (only one file allowed)?

or you can email the support yourself at and explain the issue if the suggested above doesn’t work either?

I want to upload work but its not working. Even stop loading file in half. Please advice.

I tried to upload the work, but it always stops when the upload process is almost complete. I tried it several times. I also use a “problem with the upload”, but never succeeded after I waited for almost one hour.

While the countdown I almost ended up in a few hours. It would be very detrimental to me.