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Can't use available now feature all of a sudden

I was using the"Available Now" feature but suddenly it got off and now I am unable to use this feature. I meet all the necessary criteria of using “Available Now” and don’t have any cancellations to my order.I contacted CS but they said that it is in the Beta phase.
My question is that I was using it a couple of minutes before but all of a sudden it has stopped working for me saying I don’t meet the criteria of cancellation ratio.
Can anybody help?

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It’s a beta feature, so it’s very likely not super stable. Don’t count on it.

This feature has helped me as I am a new seller. So it would have been good if it was available for me.I meet all the criteria but somehow it stopped with no help from the CS team.

Well, as I said, it’s a beta feature that’s not necessarily going to stick around. So again, don’t rely on it.

You can complain about it, but it’s not going to bring it back.

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Did you cancel any active orders?

It seems to be happening to all of us who had it - we’re all in the red for the 3rd criteria.

If it is everybody, as it seems to be, I wouldn’t worry too much! :sunny:


No,I didn’t have any cancellations till date.

The same 3rd criteria marked red.I don’t know why. I even contacted the CS but they said that its because of cancellation ratios and to tell you I don’t have any cancellations till now.
Will it be available back to us? Any idea??

An official response from Fiverr CS
regarding Available Now feature.


I got the same response without any clarifications except its beta phase.

It seems that there is clearly an issue with it if you can’t use it and have no cancellations. It’s probably Fiverr’s way of blocking access for now until they actually release or discontinue it.