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Can't use my balance to make order anymore

I don’t know since when I cannot use my balance to make new orders anymore and it kinda force me to pay the processing fee everytime I make an order. It is very tricky of Fiverr coz even tho the order I made was canceled and got refunded, Fiverr will not refund the processing fee at all, yet, I cannot use the refunded balance to make a new order but have to pay again with other payment method and pay the processing fee again!

I noticed that as well. I had $15 balance which was the result of a seller not delivering, and disappearing for a long time forcing me to cancel. When I placed an order a few days ago my balance was not taken into account and the entire payment was taken from paypal. They either need to refund my $15 back to my PayPal account or let me use it for a gig.

@coldhard and @phalexo - were you trying to buy a gig that cost the exact amount of credit in your account (or less)? If you tried to buy a gig that cost anything more than the amount of credit you have, it can’t be used that way. For example, if you have $15 credit and you try to make a $20 purchase for a custom offer or gig plus extras, Fiverr cannot take the $15 from your account and then send you to PayPal for the rest.

I don’t really know why they can’t apply your balance, I wish they could too, but that might be the reason you had an issue. If it wasn’t that, you need to contact Customer Support and tell them what happened.

I am not sure if I wanna keep using Fiverr since it is apparently getting trickier with all the money they try to drain from different directions. It was already nasty enough to charge the so called make up processing fee from the buyers, now the buyers can’t even use their own money balance or refund to make orders but to be forced paying for another processing fees. It is tricky and unfair!

Reply to @phalexo: you can use it, as long as you are ordering a gig that is $15 or less. The system just doesn’t let you use it as a partial payment towards a bigger order.

But I have done this successfully. I paid $5.50 for a gig, seller cancelled it, I had $5.00 credit, next gig I bought for $5.00 was paid for from my balance.

The fees are only added if you pay from an outside source like paypal. So you can use the balance credits to place an order up to the same amount. See my other note above.

It is theft. They stole $84 from me. I am spending a lot of time online letting the internet community know about Fiverr

Why can’t you use the $84 balance to make a new order? Just make a new order for the same amount or less.

And the fees are the same as ordering something for example from a mail order catalog, you don’t get a refund for shipping only the item. But here on Fiverr if you place another order you do NOT have to pay any processing fees when the money comes out of your account.

I have had $5 sitting in my account for months now, I can’t figure out how to spend it, as the minimum gig now is $5.50, so if it can’t be used as partial payment it will never be used :confused:

It makes absolutely no sense that refund money cannot be put towards other gig payments - of course it goes very much in fiverr’s favour - all that extra money sitting in their account.