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Can't verify my account because phone number is used in another account that I do not know of


Hey there community! Im trying to create a new account on Fiverr but when I input my phone number, I’m told it’s already connected to another Fiverr account. I don’t recall creating a fiverr account prior to the account I’m creating today so I’m unsure how to proceed with the phone number verification.
Hope someone can advise :slight_smile: Thanks!


You can try login through your phone number by connecting it with your facebook, perhaps this would help!


I guess the only thing you can do is contact and explain your situation, so they can check if there yet is some other account you created and forgot about attached to the phone number or if someone else somehow managed to use your number for their account.

I think some phone numbers might be “recycled”, so there is the off chance that you got a number that has been used by someone who had a Fiverr account under that number but as you don’t really know that you never created a Fiverr account but just don’t recall it, probably it’s that.
In either case, support is your only chance at solving this issue.


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