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Can't verify my account from mobile


I am new on Fiverr and I need to verify my account in 14 days. I want to do this, but when I have to take a picture, it’s not working. When I press the camera button from the bottom left corner, it won’t open camera even if I allowed it to be used in Chrome (that’s the browser I’m using).

It looks like a screenshot is taken. This happens for all 3 options (Passport, ID Card and Driving License). I’m on Android.

Did someone had this issue?


Sir, you have to check the computer and use the upper horizontal numbers in the keyboard, you can not activate by the numbers on your right in the keyboard, I have no experience in the site and registered and activated.

I attached an image with the issue. If I try to tap on the camera icon, it won’t open and I can’t take that picture to verify my account. Is there an alternative to this or how can I fix it?

Same problem i have experienced. After searching much i have found solution for this problem:

Use upper number keys on keyboard of pc

If you are using mobile than you can use hacker’s keyboard app. I have seen result on this app’s keyboard