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Can't verify my Gig


I can’t verify my gig kindly help me, I tried after 2 days, but same result," Wait for 48 hours ", does not work.

Kindly help me!!

Thank you.


Contact the Fiverr Support please and give them all the info and troubles.


Yes, I also asked from them.


@momnadar1, Don’t worry. Fiverr support never let me down. Primarily in cases like that…well, it’s my review since 2015…hehe


Yes, they are helping , hehehe Thank you :slight_smile:


@methark how did you resolve issue?


Well. I told them the Gig wasn’t getting online after the 48 hours period for N times and passed the Gig’s info so they could fins in the system.


Well done :thumbsup: Thanks for your response. :slight_smile: