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CAnt verify my phone number

Hi,Im a new member of Fiverr .so i cant verify my phone number please help me

Contact Fiverr Customer Support if you are having problems with this. We are not Fiverr CS. We cannot help you with account access/confirmation issues.

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i send msg but no reply yet.
Who has got the same problem?Get help from him

Like I said, no one on this forum can help you with account access/confirmation issues. We do not have access to help you with that. If you have already contacted Customer Support, then you are going to have to wait for them to respond. They are the ONLY people who can help you with this.


sometimes mobile carrier occur this problem change mobile operator and checked hope your problem will be solved

tnq reply.not a phone pravider issue.i cant type any number in box.its hide.

We still cannot help you with this. LIke I already told you, only Fiverr can help you. You are going to have to communicate with them, and then wait for their reply.