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Can't view attachments from my seller

My seller has sent me an image to show progress. I got to view it once, now every time I click on it I get “The image (web address) cannot be displayed because it contains errors.” So she resent the image. Same problem. Saved the image in another format. Same problem. I also can’t see it in another browser, and altho I can view a thumbnail in the phone app, I get ‘Download Failed’ every time I try to download any of the 3 copies she’s sent.


You can use another way. You can tell your seller to upload this file to any third party store (Google Drive or Dropbox) and send you a download link.


I mean, I appreciate the reply, but that doesn’t actually fix the problem with the website.

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Looks like you might need to contact customer services:

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i hope some technical problem on computer

What is the extension type of the attachment?

The first two times was sent as a jpg, third time as a png.

I’ve never had issues with this seller and we’ve been working together for weeks. Now every image she’s shared in the current project gives this error.

A shot in the dark, but check the file name, just in case. I´ve once had a buyer who swore up and down they had sent a file yet I didn´t get it, and when I finally asked customer support for help, they found out that the filename contained 2x a “.”, which didn´t work, buyer renamed the file and it worked.

But it could also be some technical glitch, of course. Customer Support would be the place to go then, the link was already posted above.


Are you using Firefox? You can try using Chrome if so:

There is a bug with Firefox (16.0.1) regarding viewing images. Sometimes FF says images “cannot be displayed because it contains errors.” Deleting cookies temporarily fixes the bug.

Here is another possible explanation:

the user transferred the images in ASCII mode instead of BINARY mode…