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Can't View or Create A gig

Hello guys, so I joined fiverr last year . I created some gigs but right now I can’t view or see any thing relating to.gigs and also I can create a new one.
Has anyone encountered this before?

When you say “can” do you mean “can’t”?

You have a gig that’s on hold. If you weren’t active for months any gigs might have automatically been put on hold. You can re-activate it I think though the “gigs” menu. If you can’t create a gig, what error/message is it giving when you try (too many gigs or something else?)? How many gigs do you have on the gigs page, including those on hold/draft? If you already have 7 it might not let you create more (even though the help only mentions limits for active gigs).

It’s can’t .
I created 3 guys previously and I can’t see any link or button that will direct me to creating one or viewing the previously created gigs

Make sure you’re logged in and in selling mode (click “switch to selling” if you’re not) then click on the “gigs” menu at the top of the page, then click “create a new gig” at the top right if you want to create a new one. You can click the “paused” tab on that gigs page to go to any paused gigs and if you want to activate any click the pull down thing on the right side of the one you want to activate.

Make sure you aren’t zoomed in. Make sure your res is about 1920x1080 or higher. If it’s not showing on your browser you could try with Chrome if you’re not already using it.

Here’s the help page about creating gigs:

Also check the other pages below that link like “managing your gigs”.

Did you try contacting CS?