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Can't withdraw earnings with paypal

Whenever I try withdrawing with PayPal I get this message:
"Network Problem
You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*.

Please try again later." I’m real stressed out and anxious, forgot my security question answer too xD

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Your verification code will be sent to your appropriate country with the right prefix, so you’re in the UK, so it’ll start +44. If you’re not in the UK, verification will fail.

If you have any more problems with it, just ask CS - I’m sure they’ll be able to help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoops! That’s something new.

I never received any verification code. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s meant to catch sellers who have not given the actual country they are in.


Only Fiverr support can help in this situation.

I wish you the very best!


Contact Customer Support


Ok so, I’ve made this account in the UK, but now I’m in a different country, will this affect the verification?

Hi yomakuji,

I have faced the same problem that you are talking about. when I was trying to add my PayPal account on Fiverr. when I have clicked on “PayPal Account” button, first time Fiverr ask me to put a 4 digit code on the popup, but I could not verify my mobile number because my mobile display was broken, and then I tried to get the code by a call, and also I could not have received the call too.

The third time I saw the same message that screenshot you have uploaded.

I eagerly suggest you, knock on Fiverr support them they will fix the problem as soon as they received your message.



Yes it will. If you’re using VPN, switch it off so your real country can start to show up, and it should change automatically - not sure how long it’ll take.

If you go to your profile page and click ‘contact me’ it shows the seller’s time - yours isn’t the same as mine so you’re not in the UK. A +44 code won’t get to you, hence verification failed. :wink:

Failing that, contact CS.


Yep, same exact situation with me too.

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Have you spoken to CS yet?

Just submitted a ticket, waiting for response. I’ve made a ticket on this matter two times before but it just got closed without any response lol. By the way is there any way to reset the security question with a verified phone? I’ve seen threads about people who forget their security question but got solved by submitting their ID to customer support when CS asked for their ID. I got none of that, CS just told me to try and remember and nothing else they can do :confused:

No idea I’m afraid, and not much chance until you can verify your phone, which you won’t be able to if your country still says UK but you’re not actually in the UK.

Phone is already verified, I did it when I was in the UK.

That’s not what the image at the top of the thread shows - it says it can’t be verified, which was the whole point of your thread, which means your phone isn’t verified?

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I’m 100% sure I verified it, it even says in the settings

“Your phone is verified with Fiverr. Click Edit to change your phone number”

Look at what your screenshot says again. :wink:


Then why does it say that my phone is verified with Fiverr? Also this is my first time withdrawing earnings so this is probs a verification for that.

It’s not a one-time verification as you’ve found out. They’ll keep randomly verifying your phone to make sure you’re in the country your profile says you are etc., which you’re not.

I hope CS can help you - good luck! :sunny:


Best of luck with this. I hope they are able to help you soon.