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Cant Withdraw Earnings?

So I just recieved some money after waiting 14 days after getting my first sale. My paypal balance says the amount but the paypal withdraw button is greyed out with “No Earnings to withdraw” Do I have to wait 24 hours after getting it into my account or something?

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Your first withdrawal must be over $50 or $100 if I’m not mistaken

If your PayPal balance shows the amount, and it has been transferred (Fiverr will show in the transaction section of your PayPal) then your first payment has gone through! That money is now yours to do what they want with it.

I had the same issue with a greyed out Paypal button after my first withdrawal. I ended up contacting customer service because it had gone on for more than a month without changing, and I had money I wanted to withdraw.

It turns out it’s a bug. They’re trying to fix it at the moment but if you contact them, they’ll reset your account for you so that you can withdraw your funds again. They recommended that I clear my cookies and cache before I withdrew again to hopefully avoid any potential issues. I haven’t withdrawn it yet, but I’m definitely going to do it before I do!

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Thanks for the help but it just needed like 10 more minutes.