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Cant withdraw fiverr to my payoneer account why?


i tried to my 1st withdraw.

i already added my fiverr account to my payoneer account. but stiil cant withdraw

i clicked “fiver revenue card” Button but i got this message

Adding a Payoneer card for your Fiverr withdrawals means that any funds you withdraw from now on, will be sent to your newly defined card. If you would like to continue with the process, please click here.

If you did not try to define a Payoneer card for your account, please report it here.


The Fiverr Team.

why is that i already added fiverr to my payoneer account and showing fiverr account on payoneer funding sources.

help me what should i do?

more thanks


did you iniitally use paypal to make withdrawls from your Fiverr account? Are you allowed to have two payment sources? Maybe email customer support and see what the problem is, or if you want to make a change.

above image showing paypal account coz i already linked this account to my paypal account.
please help me.


Reply to @prashanpx: if you already linked paypal to your Fiverr account, and you want to now change to Payoneer, the maybe you should contact Customer Support and let them know you would like to change.


it s not fiverr payment funding sources.

i created before that paypal account for sell on ebay and i linked that paypal account to my payoneer bank account.

is it problem?



Reply to @prashanpx: Oh, then if that is not a Fiverr funding source, I would suggest trying to contact Payoneer directly to find out about connecting diffrenent things to your Payoneer Card.

Reply to @prashanpx: search the forums here on Fiverr, there is a Payoneer discussion by smoeone from PAyoneer actually.


i ll try

thank you so much for your message