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Can't Withdraw Funds Through Bank Transfer

Everytime I click on Bank Transfer underneath Withdraw options, it reverts me back to the earnings page.
This hasn’t happened before when I have withdrawn other earnings.
Is this happening to anyone else? I have tried different browsers as well.

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This is happening to me as well!
I’ve withdrawn some money two days ago and I didn’t had any problems but when I’ve tried this morning instead of proceed to the payment it keept refreshing the page.

I’ll try to conact the Resolution center to see if they can help.

Share the problem with support team

I got just found out you can only request payment per 24 hours. So if you have withdrawn any fund from fiverr. You have to wait until next day.

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Thank you everyone, it was a strange work around but found out it worked in ‘incognito mode’ in the browser.