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Can't withdraw money!


When I try to withdraw my revenues on the New Fiverr it says that a confirmation email is sent – but I never receive a confirmation to my hotmail/outlook email account associated with my Paypal. This has been a problem for a few weeks, but I would just use the old fiverr to work around it. Now I can’t seem to get to the old fiverr and can’t withdraw my money at all.

I have contacted customer support… I know other people have to be experiencing the same thing. Any suggestions?


Just find an old withdrawal confirmation email. After you request the money from Fiverr, go and find that email and click the link. I just did that right now, and it worked.

Also, if you can’t switch to the old Fiverr, just delete cookies and it should work after you log in again.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Customer support says to do a bunch of things that didn’t work. Including to check my junk mail (which I have done) and to add to my contact list (which didn’t help). They also gave me some instruction on how to change my paypal address… which seemed confusing and I would really like to avoid doing.

The advice given above worked PERFECTLY!


Thanks for the advice @s_sayan! My hotmail wasn’t working either!


I just had the exact same problem and had to do what @s_sayan did as nothing is coming through at all. I have also contacted CS and am waiting to see what they say but I seriously doubt this is an issue on hotmail’s side.


I had the same issue and CS told me that the only thing I can do is use a non-hotmail. Okay… no.

What I ended up doing was going into my e-mail and clicking on the link in my last confirmation email that ended up in my hotmail. It worked. o_o


I’m glad I was helpful guys. :slight_smile:

However, this issue worries me a little bit. I mean, what will happen when Fiverr V1 and the old withdrawal system get shut down? Will we have to use a new email only for Fiverr?

That’s not cool !