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Can't Withdraw Payment via Phone

I’ve noticed that I can no longer withdraw my money using my phone. It allows you to get to the “email sent” step but there’s no way for me to confirm it. I have to use my laptop/desktop to do the last step. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I’ve been a seller for over 3 years so this is odd.


Have you being withdrawing funds via mobile app? Is that what you said?

I never saw an option for it on my mobile app… I had to use PC or Tab for this

There’s no option for withdrawing funds via Fiverr’s app, I think they should add this feature.


I’ve been able to withdraw from my phone for months! It’s always been available. Now it appears to not be working.

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There is a way. It even sends the email to your account for you to confirm you want to withdraw. It’s the last click that doesn’t work anymore.

Does anyone know what to do to fix it???

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I had the withdrawn option too. But when I clicked it in last month it says I have to withdraw from website at least one time to activate this option. But I had withdrawn my money from website many times before this. After that Stupid things, My trick was that, I went to fiverr website through my phone and then withdrawn my payments.


same happened with me asking to withdraw atleast 1 time from web as i already with lots of times from web.

Probably a bug, they’ll fix it . :slight_smile:

I’ll try it for my next withdrawal and let you know.

Yep! Same, I used to withdraw through the phone and ever since they made those sort of major updates the withdrawing payment thru phone doesn’t work anymore… Finally someone I can relate to! Lol. This has been an issue for a while now…

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Still not solved after 1 year of bug… Phone app still says I have to withdraw by using pc, but I have used it a lot of times from my laptop… Phone app-withdrawal doesn’t work tough…


In fiverr app is bug

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still not resolved. same message that you have to withdraw from fiver website. please fix that. i have to open my laptop every time i need to withdraw. thanks


As of today, this problem is still not fixed. I still get the message that I have to withdraw online first.

Bug is still happening.

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