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Can't withdraw

Both withdraw buttons in my Fiverr account are greyed out. Upon button-hovering, they say that a withdrawal is in progress. I did not initiate any withdrawal. Nobody else has access to my account. Also, there is no withdrawal in the transaction history. I have been able to withdraw before.

What should I do?

I have contacted support. No response so far.

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Did you check your email? It’s possible you may have initiated a withdrawal and simply forgot about it.

Other than that, you’ll simply have to wait for Customer Support to get in touch with you. They’re normally flooded with tickets, so it can take 24 hours or more to get back to you.

Hope everything works out!

Even I cannot withdraw button is not working

@mclabzsolutions Would you please let me know if you get this issue resolved?

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Reply to @twstdprfctnsm: No my friend its not working

Any update mate?? @twstdprfctnsm is it working for you now?

@mclabzsolutions nope, it’s not working.

And Customer Support is not answering either.

I don’t like this.

Do you have any funds available to withdraw? When was the last time you made a withdrawal?

Hello there

I’m writing here because right now I have the same problem with withdrawing money from my Fiverr account.

The button with PayPal is grey and when I press the button with Fiverr Revenue Card is showing: Withdrawals are temporarily disabled for this account. Our team is working hard on getting this fixed as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I already wrote to Customer Support, but till now no one answered me.

Can someone of you help me please to find a solution and to have my money on my MasterCard?

Thanks in advance

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you! The issue has been resolved, eventually! :slight_smile:

i have 44$ in my fiverr account and i want to withdraw it but it shows “You don’t have enough gains for withdrawal.” i mean minimum amount to withdraw is 20$

You have to check all the Fiverr’s mail first. Thank you.

Hi, I have faced the same error notification saying “You don’t have enough gains for withdrawal.” and Resolved!.. the reason is you have already made withdrawal and the process is taking some while until you receive a notification email… so be patient as I did and you will receive a notification email… Enjoy fiverr and payoneer

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