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Can't you see my post?

Am I invisible in forum? I wrote the following topics but got no good reply. Can you see my post or I am invisible in forum? What’s happening? Also check the posts if you are reading this post.

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I can see this post, but I couldn’t see the other posts as they all are in “My Fiverr Gigs”, a category I, and probably many others too, have muted.

The answer would be, to some people, yes. Some of us have categories muted, so they don’t have to see posts they have no interest in, for example (I assume), many of us have “My Fiverr Gigs” muted because that’s the category where sellers advertise gigs, so it’s useless for most other sellers to see the posts there.

Other possible reasons to not get (many) replies can be (not saying any of this fits in your case, just from my over 3 years of experience with this forum):

  • asking something that’s been answered a thousand times already instead of searching the forum for an answer, people get bored and don’t want to waste their time writing the same things over and over again, there are not that many really active users, and once you answered the same question a dozen times, you get a little tired of it and tend to spend you time on discussion type of threads where you can see new stuff and thoughts, or on fun/entertaining threads where you get to know others a bit and, well, chat and have fun

  • you already got help from one or two people, and others don’t want to just repeat in other words what those already wrote

  • your question wasn’t clear enough, so people don’t exactly know what you want and don’t feel like guessing and maybe writing and spending their time in vain

  • you might not have said hi and posted as if anyone ows you an answer, etc., such things also play a role

  • some of us made the experience of spending their time to help others only for them to be rude to them because they didn’t like the answers they got, which demotivates from helping, or the people who ask never react to the replies

  • people might not have much time or patience to deal with common questions during these trying times (see point 1)

That said, it seems you posted your questions in the wrong categories; when you ask people to look at your gig and make suggestions (Is my gig good enough?), “Improve my Gig” is the correct category, while you posted all 3 linked topics in “My Fiverr gigs”- that’s for advertising your gigs, and, as mentioned, I’d think that category is #1 on everyone’s mute list (well, on the list of everyone who is aware of the mute feature) for obvious reasons; as a seller, why’d you want to waste time scrolling through other sellers’ gig adverts).
You might have more luck and replies if you post in “Improve my Gig”; you can edit your posts to change the category.

There are descriptions of the categories somewhere which should help if you’re not sure what to post where.

Hope that explanation helps a bit.