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Canva Services - how do we feel?

Hi everyone,

I’m genuinely curious to know how Canva/Adobespark gigs are going? I have considered creating one because I’m experienced in using it for businesses in the past when I was hired to do social media management/events marketing.

I’m mostly worried about copyright infringement, but it looks like as long as I’m not creating logos for trademark use, I should be ok.

Is this a useful gig? Is it frowned upon? I’m not claiming to be a graphic design guru, but I enjoy creating marketing materials, am always working to improve, and am not opposed to learning more advanced software.

I just want to make sure I’m offering services that are of high value to the Fiverr community.

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I used Canva on one of my gig covers because they actually give commercial rights to the users (source:

However, I personally feel it should be used for your own non-commercial and commercial use (e.g. for school/office projects, for your own pages or gigs, etc) and not as a tool of trade.

There are people who do offer Canva designs, but I’ve seen more and more people frowning upon these because you’re essentially asking someone to pay for something they can do for free.

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You will be amazed how many people make money on Fiverr simply because others don’t want to waste time with free stuff and they just pay someone else.

Then it’s the sellers’ luck. I’m giving my personal opinion, as I mentioned above, based on ethical conduct and the fact that I’ve seen two job ads outside Fiverr blacklisting Canva designers. :wink:

Yes this is my concern as I can see a lot of potential issues. I will steer clear. Thanks for your input

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It’s not just here, it’s everywhere.

I used the “people are lazy” philosophy years ago to sell RTTTL ringtones which people could have got for free; they just needed to tap it into their phones, I built a system to send them out via text message, in exchange for a quid off their mobile credit.

In fact, our first thousand or so ringtones were all stolen from free sites, then put behind a premium SMS paywall till we’d built enough business to licence some better content.

Sometimes a startup has to do what a startup has to do.

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I have a Canva gig but I’m kind of new so I haven’t got any sales yet .