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Capcha entry issue

hi,I am facing a problem. when I visit every time I have to solve a u face it?if not,what is the problem may be? please let me know.

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@josimrahul Don’t be hesitate. Captcha used for identify who are robot.

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does it affect my fiverr account?

i have never faced that, just save your info once you logged in.

I am following this post.

no, that is not a issue. i faced that issue before 2 weeks. i cleared my browser history and cookies. then solved the issue.

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I don’t think I was ever asked to solve a captcha. Do you login with a VPN?

OK Sorry friend, yes, i am login with vpn

LOL! Don’t say sorry to me.

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No. It doesn’t any affect your id.

there is nothing any affect with your account !

Does not affect anything. Just to make sure you are human :wink:

thanks you very much.