Capgras Syndrome: What IF People Really are Being Replaced?


Conspiracy time everyone!

Now to be fair, this is a friend of a friend story, not a personal experience. However, an older woman from Australia moved to my sleepy fishing village last autumn and despite seeing her almost every morning, I only today discovered something extraordinarily interesting about her. It goes like this:

For most of the 70’s and 80’s, my kind of friend Ann Marie was happily married to her husband Michael, They had a house, great lifestyle, kids, and were very happy. Then in 1988, Michael came home from work early while Ann Marie was making dinner and seemed to be acting odd. There was no affection, his body language was all off, and the most creepy part was that as time went on, Ann Marie and her oldest son always had the feeling that when Michael made reference to the past or personal details about them, it was like he was reciting something out of an encyclopedia.

Long story short, Ann quickly became 100% certain that her husband had been replaced by a stranger. However, the worst part for her was not knowing what had happened to her real husband. This and that the person who had replaced him seemed to enjoy toying with her when they were alone together.

In the end, Ann was diagnosed with Capgras Syndrome, a delusion where people suddenly believe that a loved one has been replaced by a stranger. Rather, however, than accepting this diagnosis, Ann got a divorce, raised her children herself and has been traveling the world since the late 90’s, still 100% certain that Capgras isn’t a delusion but a convenient way for society to put a band aid on a huge and very disturbing conspiracy.

All that said, Ann doesn’t talk about this often, purely becuse of the ridicule she expects from people who haven’t experienced the phenomena themselves. More to the point, she’s as sane as anyone else I know, (or at least was until this morning).

So, without ANY REFERENCE AT ALL TO INDIAN POLITICS, what would your take on a case like this be? Are some people just mental? Or could there be something much more to this and if so, what? Demonic possession? Aliens? Foreign spies somehow transplanted into body doubles? Or something even more sinister?


I don’t know about your friend but I know a walk-in. She is perfectly sane. She had the personality that inhabited her body replaced by a new, more enlightened personality from another star system many years ago. She has an entire following of devoted friends who absolutely believe her.

Her life is very successful unlike previously with the old, absent, disturbed personality. She is a single mom of a very well adjusted son. The old replaced personality now inhabits the planet the new personality is from and is being helped.

I’ve seen too much that is weird to not be open minded to these things.


What? So this is/can be like possession?


Damn you Cy…


Apparently it is total possession, although that term refers to the previous personality still somewhere inside the body but in hiding. In your friend’s case, and my friend’s case, the old personality seems to have left.

Your friend’s husband may be a walk-in too.

Walk-ins very much enjoy the earthly pleasures.


Well, Ann hasn’t spoke to her ex in almost 20 years so it’s not like it’s a present issue. It does put a very different perspective on things, though, when you meet someone so convinced that they had someone in their life replaced.


It’s a worldwide phenomenon that’s been going on for several decades at least.

There are walk-in conventions. They feel it is a soul exchange that takes place.


Two words: Russian spies


My take?

Her husband had a minor, undiagnosed stroke. One that didn’t result in any obvious handicap but a change of personality.
There. Riddle solved.


My first impulse when someone mentions very unusual or unbelievable things is to give them the benefit of the doubt.