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Capgras Syndrome: What IF People Really are Being Replaced?

It’s not programming. It’s what they are. If there was anything really human there it is long gone.

These are not human. So either fully possessed, or something else - clones, wraiths, reptiles, greys whatever the truth is, or truths are.

So, it is entirely plausible that a malevolent, super intelligent entity may in fact actually replace a human being, disguise itself to the majority of onlookers and cleverly torment and destroy its target ?

So then we are potentially talking about 2 different scenarios with regard to capgras:

  1. genuine cases of psychosis and delusion from head trauma, degeneration, post-partum depression etc from which recovery may be possible and in which the extent of the problem lies in recognition and the problem lies internal to the sufferer

  2. cases of apparent ‘delusion’ which is induced by the switching (in some form) of the entity that is the person - except its not - and in which there is a specific target and a specific objective of sinister intent and controlled/ assigned by agencies external to the sufferer

or, alternatively

  1. natural occurences - head trauma, degeneration, lesions etc

  2. spiritual occurrences due to
    a. internally created doorways through emotional trauma - post-partum etc
    b. external attack - commercial interests/ whistle-blowing/ investigation of corruption etc

Yep. Job done on me. Be warned, this stuff is for real. I wish I’d Ann Marie’s common sense, strength whatever. Although I guess it helped having her son confirm the same thing.

I feel very, very sick right now. It is the lucifer one eye thing, once you know it, have seen it, you know who they are. My left eye has now changed which I guess means something bad = spiritual death.


It happens to lots of people all the time. Not so much super intelligent as it is focused on one mission: hating humans and destroying them, and at that it is a genius.

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They hate humans because they lack the God given genius and creative brilliance that they have. If you google ‘soul-scalping’ you can see that there is a massive documenting of celebrities/ politicians etc all getting the left eye bruised - that’s the same eye that I had shot in Istanbul by a non-lethal projectile, maybe bean bag, that badly bruised, cut my eye c. 1.5" diameter. Then more recntly, doppelganger ‘wife’ alongside her running double-speak commentary on my spiritual destruction kept on making double-speak reference to my left eye getting worse as it gradually dimmed and is now kind of dead/ glass like whereas before it used to be full of light like my right eye. She also made loads of double-speak re being bitten by a snake, a slow numbing death etc. I’m fcking crazy for having stuck this out, but someone needs to know that this sh"t is for real, what actually happens and what is going on.

Lots of people know it’s real. I’m not sure that they all identify it as the same thing but they do know there is a phenomenon where they find themselves being systematically hurt or destroyed by those whom they are close to. Some finally come to understand that they were actually close to the enemy, something that envies and despises them, while pretending to be normal and caring.

Well, here goes…if anyone has ever been in meetings, situations in which there is some kind of slightly stilted reference to being “on the side” or regarding “friends”, “a good friend” or “company” or uses a highly unusual word that stands out as being odd then you are witnessing them identifying themselves to each other. “Special” is another word with a masonic connotation. I have a whole bunch of anecdotes that were weird at the time and I sense/ knew something was off, one in which a hedge fund manager from Connecticut blew his lid and basically exposed the whole thing when he found out I wasn’t “on the side” and didn’t have a fcking clue what he was talking about. They have their own double-meaning to various things and there is sub-text within a lot of books and through movies that they basically used to ‘illuminate’ initiates. Once you know, you notice it all and they are utter scum pervading everything with their filth to try and control and destroy us.

The use of whatever the truth about these girls is, is extensive and through the stuff I’ve been through with my ex- I know the MO for a lot of stuff and how they are used for various purposes. She told me some stuff explicitly although she was seemingly innocent as to what it was that was really going on, but e.g. receives a text to meet ‘a friend’ - someone she doesn’t know, identify herself with painted toenails or putting hair “on the side”, receive information, later meet another unknown “friend” in a swimming pool and relay info - I asked who these people were, don’t know, just bankers/ business men/ politicians etc and I asked why don’t they just email each other or call don’t you realise wtf you are doing … she was kind of uncomfortable and irritated and at least stopped that shit at the time, but later when we were working on taking the product to market she identified herself to the woman who was CEO of Brooks, some govt people, people at Brompton as being “on the side” in an over-emphasized stilted way and the reactions were all obvious. It’s a whole secret system for the illuminated to operate their insidious agenda.

I’ve been too close to too much stuff and have too much insight into the real world operation and an awareness of the unseen. There are humans who are basically part of the system unknowingly, and as they ascend the pyramid they are made increasingly aware of stuff and there are many attempts to compromise them. If they are willing freemasons - the mafia of mediocrity - or suchlike then they already work for the dark side anyway, but they are usually not talented enough to matter hence the need to compromise humans who are gifted and becoming influential. The ways of compromise are anything where you have a weakness, and that is studied, the ■■■■■■ trap is the most obvious one and it seems that these girls, and presumably they have guys too, whatever the truth about it is, are the entrapment snare. What actually happens/ what that truth is I don’t know and that is the deep secret they protect. Retrospectively, I later realised how many different attempts there had been to run that exact trap on me when I worked at ABN and then UBS as I was becoming increasingly successful and each time there was a little alarm bell that something was not quite right, and one time it was accompanied by the young ladies assumption that I knew what she meant as she assumed that due to my position that I must be one of them - at the time I was confused, later I realised.

Later you look back at other stuff and realise that there are so many other potential compromises, such as payments to your bank account that are small enough to not notice (when you’re earning a lot of money at least) and continue over time, and eventually you wonder, wtf is that and you cannot get an answer from the bank, there’s no way to anything as seemingly you end up in an endless loop of not being able to challenge it/ find out/ even decline it.

Or information given to you when you have given someone to speak freely that then makes you potentially accessory to a crime because you know it was committed - that happened to me regarding someone delivering an altered witness statement and now it has happened that I know of a war-time murder in Vietnam and the execution of a woman and child by the CIA in Cairo to leave no witnesses to recover a congressman who was taken hostage in a shady business deal gone wrong. What do I do? What would you do?

Yes. They replace people with doppelgangers if you are a target. It makes you seem crazy if you call it out. If you try to deny it and carry on, they destroy you spiritually, mentally and your life. It is an impossible trap. They are pure, utter, unadulterated scum. Would be good to have Ann Marie chip in her experience just so that I’m not the only one calling it out. The only other person I came across is too scared to say any more about it and says that her husband and kids came back and she will never try to uncover what she was researching again. The guy from CIA SOG is too scared to say what it is and he really doesn’t have much to live for or lose.

I guess that makes me kind of stupid. But I just hate lies.

My grandfather was a Mason and a finer, more upright, ethical and decent man never lived. He was known for his integrity, work ethic, helpfulness, intelligence by everyone who knew him. He was a high up Mason too. He never drank alcohol or smoked in his life and shunned and avoided anyone else who did those things. I’m extremely proud of him. He came from a long line of fine people who fought in the Revolutionary War and were on the Mayflower. So please do not disparage Masons.

He also studied the Bible and had many reference books related to it. He also was an inventor. From knowing him as I did I had the impression being a Mason meant you had to have integrity, honesty, decency, intelligence, be studious, upright in all your dealings, a patriot, etc.

He also was tall, attractive, walked five miles a day, was a physician, gave free medical care to anyone who needed it. I’m sure being a Mason doesn’t make you a member of an evil conspiracy.

Masons apparently are keepers of some kind of esoteric secrets, but consider themselves conscientious guardians of those.

That’s the brand. Sadly, because Freemasonry is a literal secret society, it is not possible for anyone on the outside to independently verify the virtuousness of Masons. It is also the case that Freemasonry is disproportionately linked to some of the vilest criminals in history, many of whom were known before being rumbled for their charitable works and philanthropy.

The Masonic bible is different to the Christian Bible. It is word for word the King James Bible but has notes interpreting the message differently. The Bible itself also prohibits anyone from swearing an oath to anyone or thing but God. However, Masonry requires all men to swear an oath to preserve the secrecy of all Masonic teachings.

Masonry itself is also built on the premise that it celebrates the occult knowledge of the architect of the Temple of Solomon and Solomon himself. In higher degrees, that knowledge focuses on the teachings of Fiqitush, leader of all spirits who taught Solomon how to communicate with and make lesser spirits do his bidding. That didn’t really sit well with God.

They are also indoctrinated to believe their secrets and never question them in much the same way as religious cult members. Most Masons also have no idea what other Masons are up to or what they think they know. i.e. Royal Arch Masons often have no idea what Scottish Rite Masons are up to.

Thankfully, this makes it quite easy to pass yourself off as a mason providing you are white, male, not from around town, and know when to drop the right word or handshake. I’ve even know when a lot of people who message me on Fiverr are masons. I usually play that up to get a not just a good review, but a paragraph or more of butter melting praise.

At the same time, though, it can be hairy when you get rumbled.

So far She hasn’t mentioned it to me at least. (I edited it since I realized you weren’t referring to yourself, sorry about that.)

I just know what kind of man my grandfather was who was a Mason. He was the finest man I’ve ever known by far. I don’t doubt that not all are like him.

Like how to destroy people’s lives in a way that makes them sound crazy if they try to expose it: Read - the use of whatever it is to create doubles of people whether that be witchcraft, djinn, murder/ wraith who knows but the interview with was a former Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander of the Thirty-First Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite here suggests that there may well be murder involved.

Also from same interview with another ex-freemason:
‘Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it’s at work against them,’ he told me. ‘Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It’s . . . you see, I … you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person’s life. If they give in they go under. If they don’t give in It’s only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them’.
‘There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.’


And lots of good info here, which incidentally state that many masons are unaware of what it is that they are actually involved in doing:

My wife - the one I came to be with prior to ‘replacement’ - was raped and had the rape covered up by the university, the reports all disappeared by the police and when she started kicking up, she was thrown into the local psych ward before a guy there started asking the question ‘why the hell is this girl in here there’s nothing wrong with her, she’s been raped’. She also pissed off the local head honcho presumably freemason who owns a bunch of hotels/ conference centre etc which her take was the usual male privilige expectation and she shaved her hair off to stick two fingers up at him and back him off. So, is her ‘replacement’ a freemason revenge against me, her (she was extremely anti-system, anti-govt etc and absolutely brilliant) - who knows

Right. I’m also concerned about KJV itself which had some very significant revisions and was commissioned by the British crown members of which are heads of masonic orders. Some of the terminology used/ changes made I have found consistent with the terminology of masons in the UK and it is specific to that translation only and inconsistent with the Greek/ Hebrew.

I currently use NASB which referred back to original texts and always check the original texts where it is something significant or that may have a deeper meaning.

Stick to love God with all of your heart, mind and soul, and love one another and it’s all good. Everything beyond that is increasing complexity, detail and man introduced confusion!

If one reads through the deliverance prayers from the oaths/ curses of freemasonry that have been used successfully worldwide and are often accompanied by the lifting of chronic physical ailments then you gain some insight into the stuff these guys are up to:

This sums it pretty well:

He says:
The Christian Old Testament is identical with the Jewish Scriptures, if in a slightly different order.

There are also certain historical books, such as Maccabees, which are good for historical and even liturgical purposes but are not considered inspired by God and inerrent.

The New Testament is comprised of four Gospels, or accounts of Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection written by either eyewitnesses (Matthew and John) or first-generation converts who knew eyewitnesses (Mark and Luke, who famously interviewed everyone available including Jesus’ mother Mary); a number of pastoral letters, or epistles, written by Apostles or first-generation pastors; and a book of prophecy by St. John, the writer of the gospel.

The criteria for inclusion in the New Testament are: 1) It must be written by someone who was an eyewitness or accepted by eyewitnesses. 2) It must speak of Jesus. 3) It must not contradict known Scripture.

The books you cite are either apocryphal (the Book of Enoch) or Gnostic forgeries written long after the first century, and certainly not by their supposed authors.

I’ve studied this extensively but whatever you want to believe is ok with me. There are some excellent documentaries on this subject available also. As someone fascinated with archeology and ancient texts this is one of my interests.

Even only 200 years after the death of Jesus no one could agree on these books and which were genuine or to be believed and not much has changed. Only we now have dating techniques so at least we know when they were written.

I have too as I’m paranoid about pretty much everything! I once had a theory that the various religions were another divide and conquer strategy for control but having seen the malevolent hatred towards man, Jesus, witnessing the reality of His authority over real demonic activity, knowing that true joy and love lie in what He taught, and seeing the extent of the evil and subversion operated by the dark powers to mislead mankind and deny Christ Jesus as the way, then I’m pretty convinced, more so when I have seen a few people who had divine experience.

He said that some are harder to deal with and required more prayer, fasting and faith.