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Capture option, I am not robote


I sow this , is there any problem with my account, please let me know ?

Is there any proble, please let me know ?


Sometimes you will get that message if you use software that refreshes the page.


Is there any problem ?


There must be otherwise you wouldn’t have asked?

If you’re using auto-refresh software please switch it off. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok , But if I don;t use. I am no show


Why not just be online when you’re actually online? Anything else is trying to cheat, and the system’s caught you out. :wink:


I don;t chat, But I use auto refresh for show always online ?


But you’re not really, so it’s cheating (not chatting BTW).


You recommend don;t use any refresh



How to active 24 hour without using auto refresh ?


:smiley: why do you want to be online 24/7?
Don’t you have anything better to do?

If being online is the only competitive edge you have then I’m afraid you won’t get very far.


Stay up all day and night? Never sleep?

Please - you’re again trying to find ways to cheat - just be online when you’re actually online.


Thank you so much, for your kind information…


Thank you so much, for your kind information… thanks again


How about this?

  • Sign out from Fiverr
  • Take a walk outside to get some fresh air
  • Come back
  • Open AI
  • Create a custom logo inspired by the beautiful things you saw outside :wink:

Then you don’t have to use shutterstock


Thank you so much for bing help


You don’t need to be shown online 24 hours. Why? That won’t make people order from you.

If they send a message and you don’t answer they won’t just go ahead and order. It’s not smart to do that.

I am not shown as online when I am most of the time.


Congrats! There is no problem with your account.

This happens just because of the internet you use. So just restart your internet and continue…


Thank you so much for your help