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Capture problem

Why I can face more capture problem in my account. When I open anyone gig or profile I have face this problem again and again. Please any one help


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What do you mean by ‘capture’? Do you mean screenshot?

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I think it’s happen, if you use auto refresh on Fiverr. It’s my opinion.

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when I open any gig or profile I face capture problem

But I can refresh manually

Oh, you mean Captcha. Yes, that’s usually a result of refreshing too much, or clicking through pages too fast, but it can also be a result of server hiccups or internet connection disruption.


Thanks For your Very Important Suggestion

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If you are still facing the problm without any reason you can contact support regarding this!

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If you are facing The Captcha problem that means your JavaScript is not working properly , or you are using shared IP , Please make sure That you are using Static IP . Hope Your problem Will be fixed . also don’t use any auto refresh tools in your Browser.



Thanks Brother for your very important tips