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Car Repairs.. UGH!

This past month, I’ve been reviving my 2004 Chevy from the grave. Poor thing sat all winter because it didn’t start at all. Earlier this month, I had it towed to a shop, and they spilled all the beans. Didn’t care what it cost, just needed it back to full health by any means. Man…

  • Full breaking system destroyed from front to back
  • Engine misfire (needed spark plugs and new wires)
  • Wheel alignment
  • Dead battery
  • Gas vapor leak in 4 places
  • All fluids needed to be flushed and replaced
  • Air conditioner needed recharging
  • Fuel engine cleaning
  • And like 4-5 other issues with the beloved

One hell of a bill, but it’s back on the road. I plan on making this my personal project to give it more swag. New rims, body kit, spoiler, paint job, neon lights, etc. Probably should document the whole thing :slight_smile:

LOL…I still have a car from 2001…when I was in college…my car has pretty much the same problems, but I will just let it die now. Repairing it would now cost more than the car itself…

My car has all those problems and I still use it everyday. :smiley:

I was a car salesmen when I was a 19. The idea of having a monthly payment on a new car after that experience is a complete turnoff. I’ve always bought cars in full, or it was given as a gift. For me, it wasn’t a matter of cost to fix it, it was just having a car completely fixed without any unnecessary expenses such as a car payment lol.

I drive VW Multivan, only because I have dogs (they are my kids). But I rarely use the car. I go to a nearby shop with my bicycle. I usually only drive the car when I need to take my dogs to a vet in the city (I have a couple of favorite vets there). If I need to go somewhere far without my dogs, I usually just take a public transportation or ride my motorbike (a.k.a my scooter). I don´t really like driving a car (I prefer a bicycle).

But speaking of an old car, I still have the old VW Golf that I got from my late grandma when I was 16 as a birthday gift (it was her car). Some parts have been changed/replaced (such as the seats, etc), but the car still has NO power steering and still use the manual window cranks (which is good for the muscles :stuck_out_tongue: ). I loved my grandma so much, I had so many beautiful memories with her and although I barely drive the car, I will not sell that car.

I luv that! I luv people who have problems with their car and still use that car (I mean it in a good way). So many funny good stories can come out from such thing.

lol… my motorbike (a.k.a my scooter). :smiley:

Funny thing…This morning the car won’t start. The starter seems to have given up. I’ll take it out and carry it to get it repaired. Will update this later.

I made the mistake once of falling in love with a car, an Audi 90, which drained my bank account.

My post must’ve jinxed it. My bad!

Maybe there is a conspiracy here - vehicles hate freelancer.
This month
• Spent 30 minutes repairing my bicycle tire on the side of the road 20 kilometers from civilization in the middle of the night. Did it myself so only set me back me 5 euros (+ only a few foxes and a moose heard me cursing).
• My 50cc scooters drive belt left me on the road, so had to push + 100kilos for 7 kilometers on a road with loads of uphills on a hot day without having water with me. Did it myself so only set me back me 30 euros (an hour in to pushing the bike a car stopped, i assumed to offer assistance but was wrong, instead i got a comment “get a bigger bike” and the car flored it and dissapeared.
• Had to change the alternator on my car. Did it myself so it set me back me 150 euros.

Atm the car failed inspection due to some odd issue with the vin number plate caused by a previous owners crappy repairs. So far this has set me back 150 and that was just to get the information i need, still will need to have a licensed vendor install a new custom made vin number plate that has to be made in France in the factory.
Also still need to fix both rear axles on the car and replace the rear break but luckily i can do those things myself.

If it was an option i would only use public transportation as that would be much cheaper and less time consuming. To bad its 17 kilometers to the nearest buss stop.

Update: Got the starter fixed and put it back in. Only cost like $45USD and got it all done in less than 5 hours.

Life is great :smiley:

I also heard a strange noise coming from the front left tire , but if I pretend I didn’t hear it, those types of noises usually sort themselves out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha, Yeah, it’s best to pretend that you didn’t hear it.

LOL. I am picturing you driving the car with that ˝pretending not hearing˝ mode on. There was probably a problem with wheel bearing. I hope you will eventually have it checked :slight_smile: