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Card confirmed but my order wont go through

hi first time posting here ive ordered a gig from a seller im entering my card details the card is all confirmed there are funds in the bank but the order wont go through

never had an issue with my card till now

any suggestions please

thanks in advance


Why don’t you just ask the CS @michaelreyno979

Did you fill-up the requirement option? If not fill-up the requirement then your order will not start. You may take the support of cs.

hi thanks for the reply cs?? i dont know what that is

requirement option sorry whats that

im new here

Customer Support @michaelreyno979

i nfilled out all the fields on the payment form my card was confirmed but when i c/o pay i get a red box saying all sorts of stuff

Here cs means customer support.

i tried that but its asking for some id number i dont know where to get that

You mean ticket number?

You can try from different ISP, Browser. It can happen for the cache .

ive just messaged them and awaiting response

new to internet banking im worried now about the money ive put through im guessing its kinda held in stasis waiting to be processed??

im guessing the payment is now “pending”

You only have an Order ID number when your order goes through. In the case it doesn’t, just choose something else from the drop downs that doesn’t ask for an Order ID, like report a bug or general inquiries or something. You can tell them the username of the seller and send a link to the gig you were trying to buy instead of the Order ID then in the text field.

Usually, payment goes through quickly but bugs and lags and things can and do happen sometimes. No need to worry about the money in any case, either they’ll manage to nudge the order into existence or refund and try to figure out what went wrong. Just don’t try to order again until you got a response. I hope your order wasn’t too urgent but usually CS replies within 24 hours, so you should hear from them soon.

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hey thanks im sitting on this now thanks to all for your time

Yes, Miiila . Your opinion is 100% right.

i have same problem yesterday with a buyer he tried to confirm my order but order not confirmed and money was taken from his account