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Card Payment problem


I purchased a service on Fiverr but payment didn’t work, I got an error, I retired but same error. I tried with another card and I got the same error: payment cannot be done" ( paypal doesnt provide service to where I live)
I have not limited my cards for international purchases.
I used 2 different visa cards issued by 2 diffrent companies.
I contacted the seller, seller confiremed there is no order for him.
But money is deducted from one of my accounts and fiver support is absolutly useless!
I opened a support ticket but after almost 10 hours I got nothing.


Did you get the automatic 1st reply mail? A confirmation that a ticket with number so-and-so has been created. It usually also has something like “current response time:18-24 hours” or “Due to a high amount of requests, response can take more than 24 hours currently” or whatever applies.

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