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Card was declined by mistake (Me, the Buyer) - What will happen to seller?

Hi! Someone disputed a payment on my phone (In Paypal), the order then got canceled and now the seller claims “canceled order for me and it’s a mark against me”, how do I go about moving forward?


The seller takes a hit on his stats due to the canceled order and that’s that. There isn’t anything you can do personally to fix the situation. If you contact CS they might be able to help, but then again they might end up giving the seller a warning for writing "canceled order for me and it’s a mark against me”.


Darn, I wish I could do more to help since it was sort of my fault for not telling my family member to not cancel the payment.

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It is :wink: and to be honest I do feel for a seller.
Did he already deliver your order? Did you mark it completed?

If he did the work then I would suggest to place another order with him to pay for his services.

If he didn’t deliver then there is nothing you can do, seller already affected with cancelled payment and his stats.


Yeah, they didn’t send the order, it was marked uncompleted, God what a dumb policy, that really shouldn’t be a thing.

I meant that the card being cancel which auto-cancels the order and hurts the seller.

First, if the work was done, I recommend you to ask him to give you a custom offer and pay back what was owed… It is a hit in the algorithm, especially he is a new seller like I am, might be hard to recover from.

Since you’re willing to help (And I thank you on behalf of that seller, if you do), I recommend you to talk to the customer service by clicking on your profile picture on Fiverr, scroll to “Help & Support” and try to submit a request for help to the customer service.

Mahalo :hibiscus:

If you still need it anyway, you can always ask to complete the order, since the seller is already working on it.

It’s not a dumb policy, I guess it’s just business to Fiverr… it’s hugely personal for many sellers who rely on Fiverr for their livelihood, especially in covid times.

Thank you strategist_ceo I’ll do so, I hope they can forgive me.

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You’re apologizing and trying to correct an unintended consequence… I don’t think anyone decent will be angry with you.



However, that is risky because the seller contacted this buyer and said: :arrow_down:

As @j6nyc6 said, contacting CS could mean the seller will not only take a hit on their stats, but when CS looks into the communicating that went on between the buyer and the seller, it could end badly for the seller.

Plus, it sounds like the buyer was at the beginning of ordering as that is when the payment is withdrawn from PayPal. And as OP said: :arrow_heading_down:

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My interpretation is that a non-related person “someone else” disputed the payment on his PayPal, which affected the order between him and the seller on a different timeline… I can be wrong. Payment has to go through for the order to begin anyway, which is why it’s probably in the middle of an ongoing order and got canceled.

In my assumption, he is in the middle of an ongoing order, “it’s a mark for me” can be argued, albeit a weak case… It doesn’t stray to being rude, unreasonable, or out of place.

  1. I got work
  2. I started work
  3. Order suddenly canceled
  4. Frustrated
  5. Saying “… it’s a mark” sounds within reasonable reaction if I did 1 - 3 above.

Of course, there might be other parts of the conversation that could be the problem if the seller got emotional. The seller is reasonable is keen to help, I’m sure it will be taken into consideration.

[quote=“strategist_ceo, post:12, topic:585257”]
My interpretation is
[/quoteI thought of that too, but I did not want to do all of the explaining that you took time to do. :wink:

To summarize, the seller more than likely never got a mark against his stats because the order never started because the payment did not go through.

So, @calabcanda you should not be feeling as bad as you seem to be. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope. I think the order started but was canceled… because PayPal was flagged fraudulent, and PayPal a 3rd party canceled the transaction.

Simply put, “Joe” bought an iPhone from a store with a credit card… the store let him took the iPhone home and when he got home. There was a misunderstanding of a fraudulent transaction, and the bank canceled all the transaction… and the store now lost an iPhone, Joe got the iPhone but lives in another state.

Both scenarios are possible, just that mine is more likely.

What are the odds that the seller got emotional, and the buyer felt the seller was wronged at the same time?

I do not know. I am not a gambler :slot_machine:. But you are right, both scenarios are possible.

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Sorry for the long wait, no progress yet, to answer some questions-

-The seller claims to have been “marked against”, I’m guessing this will hit his stats, once again I apologized.
-I won’t reveal anything about the seller but they are a level 1 seller with about 600+ reviews and 5.0 stars.
-Order was auto-cancelled when card was declined via. PayPal, I never cancelled the order, my family member did.
-I still have not went to customer service as I am waiting for the seller to get back to me if they even want me to go to customer service.
-No, the seller was not emotional about the situation, at least not to me they weren’t in our private chat. The only thing they typed was that “cancelled order for me and it’s a mark against me” and hasn’t spoke to me since.

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If the seller has 600 5-star reviews and is still a level one, I can understand their frustration. It appears they may have lost their level 2 or perhaps never gained it. Not being a level 2 could mean they have had issues with their stats before.

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Do people not lose their account when they dispute a payment now? :eyes:

@calabcanda Everyone makes mistakes. There is a good chance the seller has blocked you already and won’t even see your apology. It’d be best not to bother them anymore… and find someone else instead.

The damage has been done already. Unfortunately.