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Careful with Fake Buyer Requests

Since a couple of days, I notice some special buyer requests. I think some peoples have been trying Fiverr buyer request section to get traffic to their website. So basically they add some shorten URL or just link as text without a direct link. So you have to copy the text and need to visit the website manually. Another thing is that these scammers offer more money for the project. therefor there is a high possibility to someone attempt to apply to the offer and check the URL
Be careful and don’t waste your time and number of requests, for scammers :v:.


thanks for your advise

Thank you for the information

Thanks for your information :+1:

Thank you for the info, there’s always someone trying that.

Yes, You right. I also notice this

oooh :no_mouth: thank you so much for the info

yes i am also receiving same kind of buyer requests almost daily from a month
these requets have exectly same text but from different accounts