Cartoon Gig Tools


Hi Guys,

Please i need a quick help here,

Which tool is used for this service ‘draw an Anime or Chibi version of your photo’,

and do you Have a link For it,

Also Please Do You guys know of any other gig i can add to my gig Section so as to get more sales For me?


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This does not sound like it would refer to a particular tool, but to a style of drawing that could be done by a cartoonist. There is a seller who offers a gig with that exact description. You could search for it and contact them, but since it looks like a unique gig they might not want to share details. Good luck.



I can give a small help!!! You can use adobe Illustrator. But you should have your own creativity and talent to make it more professional look.

Good luck!!!


You can use Illustrator as @lucky_1992 said, but also you can use other sofware like “Manga Studio” for example.

But, at least as far as I know, there aren´t any Photoshop action or automatic process to do this designs (and I hope it remains for a long time) so you must be creative and practice a lot.

Good luck!


Reply to @fonthaunt: yes, that is the main fact, when you contact them, they wont answer you at all.


Reply to @lucky_1992: Pls how do i get the adobe illustrator and tutorials for it,



Hi, there’s no automatic one click of a button to produce an anime/chibi style artwork :smiley: It’s really just the artist doing what an artist does~ drawing :smiley:

I can recommend Adobe Photoshop, as that is what I use to draw digitally using brush tool.


Reply to @angiechong: okk, thanks. do you have a suggestion on any other hot in demand service that is not hard to learn and start?


Reply to @profitsnggig: I’m not sure, but from what I see on fiverr, popular gigs range from voiceovers to video testimonials to proofreading to blog articles to fun gift ideas :smiley: These aren’t too hard to learn I guess, see what you like


Reply to @angiechong: Im into article niche already, but some fiverr buyers are damn wicked, i think that of video animation is cool, what tool is required for that? you can drop link to the tool,



(sorry wrong topic, wrong answer u_u’ )


Reply to @profitsnggig: video animation is my main profession actually. what i do in real life. but it requires a lot learning n practice years too. not one I would choose as example when you asked for something “not hard to learn and start” :smiley:


Hi :slight_smile:

  1. there is not such a thing as quick success in life - and Fiverr is a part of real life

  2. the best way to make a ‘career’ on Fiverr is to know professionally what you are selling to people. Amateur is OK if you have already practised a lot, but buyers have become more demanding lately although is a $5 thing. So better not to lose time with a gig that are not so good at. It is best to create a gig about what you already love & already know how to do 100%

    hope that helps :slight_smile:


Okk Guys, so what is advicable for me that i can learn fast and also render so as to attain my level 2 as soon as possible,



Here’s what I’m hearing:

“Give me easy money!”

Is that close?

There’s no such thing. If there were, everyone would be doing it.

Find talents you already have. If you don’t think you have any talents, then you’re going to have to spend time (and possibly some money) to acquire some. You’ll want to find something that interests you, and don’t just hodgepodge a bunch of stuff together. Find a few things that complement each other, and you’ll have the makings of a couple of gigs.

Then it will take TIME to get clients. People don’t just start pouring into your gig just because you’ve listed it. (This applies to even “hot in demand” services.)

But, you know, this is if you’re looking to make an *honest buck. There are plenty of dishonest ways to do things, but they don’t last, and you’ll find yourself continually looking for more just to keep that green coming in. People will catch on to the fact that you’re trying to latch onto something “hot in demand” and you’re not actually talented in that area. That “hot in demand” product will fade and something ELSE will pop up as “hot in demand” that you’ll have to spend time learning. Etc. You get the point. Things like that don’t last.

The best way to encourage money flow is to find something you’re good at (or that you’re willing to spend TIME to become good at) and nurse it into a good business. Repeat customers will find the path to you when you do this. You’ll find other, related talents you can put to use once you’ve honed a good skill.

So my advice to you is to stop looking for that “easy money” route and find something you have some skill at. You’ll have much better luck that way.


This always irritate me, some people seem to think that just click a button and the drawing will show up. Does that happen in real life? You slap the customer’s face with a blank paper and their realistic pencil portrait will magically be printed?

Yes, there’s some work can be automated and can be fake, but not drawing, singing or other things related to art. If you want easy money, at least earn it the smart way.