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[CASE STUDY] All My Gigs Disappeared From Fiverr Search Results


The story: At Saturday (21th of Nov 15) I have received a message from Fiverr-noreply that one of mine Gigs has been denied due to “promoting a service, website or product outside of Fiverr”. I was shocked because of course it was completely nonsense - the Gig mentioned and none of my gigs contains such “promotion”. However I dont pay such a big attention bcz it was a new Gig with almost no orders/rates.
But the troubles started the next day - my sales went down suddenly and I found that …none of my Gigs appear into the Fiverr Search page!?!..

So 1) I contacted Fiverr Support 2) left the gig denied as is to let them could see that nothing against the TOS could be find inside 3) Focused my ticket about the other Gigs presence; the answer came today (after 2 days). A support assistant Kevin answered that they cant restore the gig denied and if my gigs dont appear its bcz they are “repetitive, with the same concept, not unique on Fiverr, go against third party terms of service and/or you have duplicate accounts that are confusing to our users.”.

Pretty indefinite, isnt it…

But lets see behind: The Gig denied is still in Google cache and I provided a link to for let them can see there is NOTHING similar to “promoting a service, website or product outside of Fiverr” - its easy to be checked with own eyes, true?! Im confused why it doesnt done…
Anyway my main trouble is that THE OTHER gigs of mine disappeared!

Let me explain what kind of gigs they are:

My proior Gig is

I have opened that Gig 3 YEARS ago and I was the VERY FIRST in Fiverr that offered GSA service. How much more could a Gig be unique, non- repetitive and with different concept??? GSA was not so popular for public, now You can see hundreds of such offers in fiverr. For these years I have seen my gig copy - pasted word by word many times. Ive seen my Gigs images copied too and promoted as others gigs… no bad feelings, Ive never reported such things as I do ever count on the clients satisfaction and reviews - pretty awesome ever. (BTW, when I opened the service I have contacted Sven (GSA developer) and asked him for permission to use the softs image for such service promotion and I create my Gig image only after his permissions, I have typed the words “Masters SEO…” in Photoshop using PAID PS styles - I do use them for many of my Gigs -so I can 100% say these images are mine copyrights). But whats confusing - some of these Gigs are ranked above me in the High Ratings Fiverr Search… Some of my buyers become after some time sellers of the same service …and they ranked better too. Nevermind - I do still have twice more positive ratings than the next one with same offer… But I ranked on positions #10 - #12 and now I am … penalized and dont appear nowhere. Its strange… I had 5.0 rate and another 4.8 and they ranked BEFORE me… I have 5000 completed gigs, 3000+ positive rates, 0% cancellation ratio and was ranked down from pretty new sellers/gigs with 2-5 rates in total. Really, I CANT understand HIGH RATINGS search results.
Ironically I know how to rank in Google, but cant rank in fiverr whatever I do :slight_smile:

Another gigs of mine are first in their concept too - video embedding strategy is offered for first time in fiverr by me. Sane story - many times copied gig from others, copied my description after the success of the gigs, ranked before me anyway… And now my original gigs are outside.

So whats next: these days I still receive new positive ratings over the gigs - I had 20-30 in queue when I become penalized and I have many repetitive buyers which continue to order and leave reviews. Lets see what will happen - I have answered to Kevin let the stuff act and resolve the issue. Will wait for an answer.

I think about Fiverr as for my best partner. If WE have some issues, we will resolve them in the best way. I can understand that for such a huge project as Fiverr a lot of things need a machine actions (Im sure my issue is machine/algo generated) but when its nessecary human beens must take the things in their hands to solve the problems.

FOLLOW that case - I will update here all of the further progress!

If they block the gigs of the users with denied gigs (who dont follow the TOS) - its a GOOD act!

Im 100% AGREE but as far as it`s an algo action, the manual action must be applied asap to PROTECT the correct sellers from the algos misstakes and imperfections. Read above the full details - infact THERE ARE NO ANY REAL REASON FOR PENALTY! INSTEAD!

Same thing happen with me too few of new sellers copied word per word of my gig even the title also but they are promoted a lot but i am selling the same services from more than a year but i get out from search and yes i was write too many time to support but they define me the proper thing hope will resolve this bug asap.

When it happened with You? Are You still out of the search?

before 15 to 20 days ago and yes i am still out of search for my best gig

Its a very long time, it shouldnt be allowed sellers to be harmed that way for such a long time. I really hope Fiverr stuff will take care about these issues - it`s not an isolated case - I see A LOT of similar stories shared here in the Forum so it REALLY NEED a serious and IMMEDIATE action by the side of our parter Fiverr.

By the way, while I see some of the issues Fiverr may have with your gigs, even if they were perfect there is one thing to keep in mind. Fiverr doesn’t offer any guarantees that any gig, user or gig type will be displayed in search. Lots of factors that have nothing to do with ToS can get a gig or user dropped from search. I do understand why that can be disappointing for a seller, but showing up in search is a perk, not a promise. I hope things improve for you, though.

I see that, but Im sure FIVERR COMES HERE TO OFFER THE BEST SERVICES for its clients!

Regarding that we discuss here about the specific search display - the HIGH RATINGS RESULTS! And as far as that feature exist to GUARANTEE FOR THE CUSTOMERS QUALITY SERVICES, NOT CRAPPY OFFERS, do You follow me?

So HIGH RATING results should be reserved for the Gigs with more positive rates, more satisfied clients, non-copied offers, isn`t that true? And if You read the story above You will find that the Gigs outranked dont deserve that issue.

Yes, Fiverr is not obligated to show HIGH QUALITY gigs on the search regarding to ToS… but it IS OBLIGATED TO in order to offer quality services for its CUSTOMERS - instead it will be its End.

I dont want Fiverr to die, but its everyday story - the story of Yahoo, MySpace and so and so… If by one side clients could find only low quality services and by other side good sellers cant reach the clients… they both just will go on other place. I dont want fiverr to die and Im sure You dont too - I`m really happy with my all long Fiverr experience and I just want to let some things be solved for our mutual success. I have reallY unique services, let me feed the others again but now I stil have a service not yet presented from others in fiverr and driving multiple orders and satisfied clients… and its now unreacheble for the clients!

Another example - today Im out of results and only today I have orders for $115 - ($23 are for my partner Fiverr, right) and 4 - 5 new 5.0 rates from my regular satisfied CLIENTS - What does that tell you?
I mean - if we think like “If someone come to fiverr to spend a money for something, he will spend them for sure, nevermind who will be the exact seller/gig used to” we go to an wrong way, because we miss the next part - will the customer be happy with the service provided? Will he RETURN? Because if hes not really satisfied, next time he will go to order from ANOTHER PLACE, not from another seller in fiverr! Im already tired to read all the comments and reviews on many places like “in fiverr youll find only crap” , "what do You expect for 5 dollars, " , “dont buy from fiverr” and so on and so on… It hurts me because I know how much REAL PROFESSIONALS are around here and how much HIGH QUALITY services are offered! It depends by us to break the myths about the “low quality” od Fiverr!

Stay at that point - we only talk about the HIGH RATING SEARCH and QUALITY SERVICES PENALIZED FROM IT WITH NOSENCE - I think we can not ignore the system defects if they damage the quality of the services offered to our Fiverr customers!\

yes but i dont think fiverr is been interested to face this issues.

@sshelpforu - I think in Fiverr have a lot of responsible people highly interested in keeping the quality of the service - we can see permanent system improvemets and upgrades; what we both sellers and team want is to make Fiverr better as possible. So I`m sure they just missed these problems.

I will be happy if everyone encountered such issues just post here his own experience - we can see how many such cases have been opened here into the forum - let`s keep the things updated.

I have received a message from another buyer regarding new gigs creation in that situation:
so, I have no intention to create new gigs (which eventually to appear into the search) as far as my current Gigs ARE UNIQUE, HIGH RATED and DO NOT VIOLATE ToS. I will just wait for reaction and fiverr team engagement for solving that: not only for me but for all sellers in such situation.

How did you check you are out of search? One of my best gigs used to get a lot of daily orders. I got sick, went on a vacation… After coming back, there has been no single order! (2 days now… its wierd)… My ratings etc are very good…

Btw, just gave you a small order… hoping maybe it’ll help you some how :slight_smile: maybe fiverr will see this guy is still getting new customers so they’ll realize the mistake?

Thank You! Just type Your main keyword into the fiverr search and browse the results in Recommended and High Rating tabs - I was on 10-12 position in high rating tab before the panalty, now Im nowhere (you can copy - paste Your gig title into the search - my gig dont appear…). Another question is why even before the penalty I was on 10+ position for my specific keyword since I :

  1. offered that service very first in fiverr
  2. have more positive reviews (almost double from the next seller in that niche)
  3. had 5.0 rate and the others mostly 4.9
  4. as a seller have more reviews in total and much more positive ratio than the others

However now Im not even in these low positions - Im nowhere…

A weekly update:

Not yet responce on my ticket.
I ve not did anything on my current Gigs, have not opened a new Gigs, just waiting.

I m still unreachable from the Fiverr Search
Anyway that week I do still have orders for ~$550 from my regular Buyers (THANK YOU ALL MY CUSTOMERS!), so ~110 of them are for my Partner Fiverr, nevermind of the current troubles in our partnership. Surprisingly I do have 3 orders from new buyers - not sure how they ve founded my offers - most likely I have been recommended from someone as I do not do any social promotion now. As well received 15-20 new 5.0 reviews and one 4.5

Hope the issues will be resolved soon, waiting for a ticket reply.

Will keep You updated!

[SOLVED] Finally from yesterday (12th of Dec ) my Gigs appear again into the fiverr search results.
I have updated my ticked a day ago after no reply for 3 weeks. Have no answer yet on the ticket but I can see the Gigs are visible again, so not sure if its because of support tean action or of Editorial Team (rather both) In conclusion - It is not clear why it happened to me - if I do receive any answer, I will ipdate here. It needs for me 3 weeks to solve the problem - I didnt do anything on my Gigs, didnt created new ones, just stay calm.

My gig disappeared from the search system when I was a Top Rated Seller. I didn’t have an order for about 2 weeks. I tried to work with customer support to fix it, but, they said they couldn’t do anything.

Eventually, in July, I lost my level with the justification that I was not taking enough orders, but it was impossible to make them, because for 2 whole works my gig impressions were between 0 and 1 each day.

In the prior six months, I had made 1,000 orders.

Since July, I have made 64.

So sorry to hear about your gigs disappearing libero. But glad you have them restored :). I too have the same issue. I noticed last week about a handful of my gigs disappeared from Fiverr search. I’m a level 2 powerseller for over 2 years now. Yes, a power seller. So it took me by surprise as there was zero warning…no email from support…nothing to explain the issue… and no offer to give me time to resolve.

Here is how I noticed the drop.On average I receive 10-20 emails per day and closing at about 20 -30%. Last week it dropped to 5 emails in 1 week. So very strange. Then, I contacted support and received a copy/paste message (yes the same message from 2 reps) that provided no specifics other than the editorial team decided to pull them. I take pride in my work and as a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr. With over 220 reviews, that alone shows from the mouths of strangers that I’m providing the best experience for my clients.

During this experience I have learned a few things:

-You have to keep contacting support to find someone to work with you until you get straight answers. I’m not one to harass. I treat people with respect and kindness. I’m especially understanding of the customer support role, as I have spent many years myself in that role and in the role of managing support reps. However, it does seem a bit frazzled on the back side and like there isnt a clear process or people just want to pass you off so you can go away.

-The editorial team/customer support did not see it of importance to notify me to resolve the issue they had with my gigs. Nor do they give you a resolve date. For example, (in an email) please correct these xxx issues in 24-48 hours or your gig will be removed. It was mentioned by the third customer rep the editorial team did send me an email along those lines, but after 10 day I still not receive it and when I asked for it to be resent…I get ignored.

I get every notification from Fiverr via email and push notification on my phone. This breaks my heart cause I would think that power sellers are given better treatment. Not that any level should deserve poor treatment, but I think highly of Fiverr and really had the impression they treat you even better as you rank up.

I’m patiently awaiting to hear back from Kevin. Before that it took me 3 attempts to get a straight answer about what happened. That feeling doesn’t feel good and is concerning. As my business stopped…and revenues stopped. I am a 100% team player and 100% transparent with Fiverr if they need anything about any services I provide, I am here to help.

Maybe Fiverr is still a new company and learning the ropes on how they can make the customer support experience better for its sellers. But in my world I see that everyone wins, Fiverr provides the best support we need and we as sellers provide the best experience for our buyers. Its like the ultimate sales funnel that grows relentlessly.

I do not want you to think that my experiences with customer support have always been poor. I have had the pleasure of working with some really amazing customer reps and am thankful for that. However, my recent experience with the disappearing of gigs has me scratching my head and thinking how can I grow a strong business on Fiverr for the long haul?

I am in the same situation.
All my Gigs have been removed from search results.

On top of that, withdrawals have been blocked and I can no longer use the revenue generated. Customer Support does not provide any explanation and keeps delaying me.

More than $19000 are locked into my Fiverr account for more than 2 months now and I keep getting a decent amount of orders from returning customers. I think I should stop delivering because this looks fishy. I’ve been delayed 3 times so far without a proper explanation.

It is fishy that you have $19,000 in your account that you have not withdrawn…